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W.M.T. Srl

Molding, Assembly and Construction Molds for plastic items

WMT Srl, thanks to the great experience gained over the years, ranks as one of the leading companies in Italy for the molding of plastic materials for third parties.

The company provides the customer with a global service ranging from mold design and construction to molding, with the possibility of subsequent assembly.

Reliability and professionalism, combined with quality products, are the strengths made available by WMT Srl.

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Who we are

WMT srl was born in 2003 from the synergy of a group of highly qualified people with decades of experience in the field of mold construction and plastic molding.

We are able to meet the most varied needs and provide a complete service ranging from industrialization to mass production of your products.

The convergence of the over thirty years of experience of the founding members has led to a surprising growth of the company in recent years, through a constant search for new and better technologies to optimize production times and the quality of our products.

This important growth has meant that the company today occupies a total area of about 11,000 square meters divided between the production site in Cologno al Serio (BG) and the production site in Seriate (BG).

The combination of plant technology, staff professionalism, quality, correct organization and production management has allowed WMT Srl to make its way in the sector by acquiring prestigious customers at an international level.

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Our activities


WMT Srl provides 360-degree professional processing of plastic materials, a complete and cutting-edge offer ranging from the construction of molds to molding up to assembly operations.

Finally, WMT Srl manages, in outsourcing, surface finishing processes such as chrome plating, painting, screen printing, pad printing, cubication etc.

This fundamental integration of the entire production cycle in a single supplier and contact person, allows us to offer a complete service to the customer, which allows a significant reduction in management costs and project development times.

Mold Design, Construction and Maintenance

WMT srl, thanks to the help of qualified external partners consolidated over years of proliferating collaboration, offers the customer the service of design and construction of molds necessary for production. The mold is analyzed and treated in detail, also thanks to the help of the most recent software that verifies the details with the analysis of the mold-flow and Fem analysis.
We perform rapid prototyping service with stereolithography, sintering, silicone molds for small pre-series and mechanical production prototypes.
Each mold designed and manufactured by us is guaranteed for precision and durability.
Inside the company there is a workshop equipped for the routine maintenance of the molds in order to guarantee the customer maximum efficiency and the best possible conservation of their equipment.

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Injection moulding

Molding is the core business of WMT Srl.

The machine park consists of 28 presses from 40 to 650 tons which allows us to satisfy the most diverse requests of our customers, guaranteeing the best quality standards at low costs.

In addition, we manage presses up to 1500 tons from our qualified suppliers.

This wide range of tonnage allows WMT Srl to produce articles of various kinds and sizes and to cover various technical sectors such as electrical, cosmetics, packaging, household appliances, professional coffee machines, products and furnishings for the home. , sport equipment, automotive, etc. .

The machines are assisted by qualified personnel to control the process, the pieces produced are constantly monitored with dimensional checks by our quality control which verifies their correspondence with the customer's specifications and drawings.

The raw materials used are many and varied, in addition to the classic thermoplastic resins such as PP, ABS, PA, POM etc., we work new generation technopolymers such as PPS, PPSU, PPA, PETG, PVDF and PEEK.


The 28 presses are divided as follows between the factories:

- n ° 11 BMB Full Electric injection presses, from 280 Tn to 350 Tn, at the production site in Cologno al Serio (BG), presses entirely dedicated to the production of packaging and whose production cycle is completed with the automated control of the pieces 100% through the use of control machines with optical vision cameras;

- 17 injection presses, from 40 Tn to 650 Tn, at the production site in Seriate (BG) dedicated to the production of technical items in the various sectors described above.



At the request of our customers, we carry out component assembly operations (directly printed by WMT or purchased) in the special department equipped with an assembly line and 15 stations for the creation of custom-designed assemblies, complete with wiring, gluing if necessary. and final testing.



WMT Srl has adopted a quality management system (QMS) in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for the activities of "Development and production of injection molded technical articles in thermoplastic resins and assembly of plastic articles".

The Quality Service plans and carries out checks during all stages of production, ensuring the quality standards required by the Customer.

If necessary, we use external suppliers for optical scans, tomography and 3D machine surveys.

For a certain production sector we have automated optical control systems.


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Contact us

via Ca' Bertoncina, 39-41 - 24068 Seriate (Bg) - Italia

viale dell' Artigianato, 88 - 24055 Cologno al Serio (BG) - Italia


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